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Straight on 'Til Morning

the contents of my brain in no particular order...

18 October
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I hate these mini-biography things. It's impossible to have sufficient perspective on oneself to really tell people who you are; the things you think are defining characteristics may be no more than wishful thinking. That being said, I present my brief foray into self-description:

I'm in my 30s (OK, I'm 30 as I write this, and I'm going to be vague, knowing I'll likely forget to update this for a decade). I'm divorced and I have a son, who lives with his father and stepmother and her children. I attend culinary school. That's all the concrete stuff, I think.

I have a quirky sense of humour and am quite used to sharing a joke and getting a blank look. I like puns, wordgames, and double entendres. I am tolerant and accepting, I have my own preferences and choices, but in order that I may enjoy them I am willing to allow others to do what they like. My life seems to fit quite easily into disjointed sentences; I'm thinking maybe I need one of those "100 things about me" lists.